The new Twister-Lights® 2.0

With Twister Lights® 2.0 we introduce the next generation of security lights for Fire, Police, Emergency Services, Helicopter Business and Industrial users. The same strong industrial plastics, but with a completely new design electronics. With Twister Lights® 2.0 we introduce a Twister-Lights® that can be used horizontally and vertically, has multiple light effects and can be customized with your own light-effect, optionally in combination with two-color LEDs. With Twister-Lights® 2.0 we offer a customizable safety light for any application.

  • Greatly improved visibility (150%-200%).
  • Choice of 6 lighting effects, including standard Twister effect. 
  • Ability to change the lighting effect yourself.
  • Ability to add your own lighting effect at little additional cost per unit. 
  • Improved tilt sensor that makes it now possible using Twister Lights® vertically with magnets (optional).
  • New lightweight carrying cases (available in two sizes with 4/6 or 6/8 units respectively) with built-in charger including a 12V cigarette plug or optional home charger.
  • Faster loading time (<3 hours).
  • Improved battery and battery management that ensures always maximized brightness. 
  • Possibility to order specific color-combinations combined with own light-effects. 
  • Ability to provide an on / off button instead of tilt switch (additional cost).